About us

Over the past few years, having a personal trainer here in the Czech Republic has become the norm for many gym enthusiasts. In fact, nearly [80%] of people you see training in Prague’s gyms have had a personal trainer at one time or another. Such a high volume of clients means that these trainers – however fantastic they may be – often end up using a “conveyor-belt” system of client management. You meet, you are trained for an hour, then off you go to make room for the next client. We at the MPT Academy, however, know that true fitness doesn’t come from a factory, and we have all the experience and dedication to help you break the cycle and see real, lasting results! 

    The MPT Academy is owned by a brother-sister team who, between them, have more than 30 years of experience in a number of sporting and fitness activities. The company’s philosophy is to offer its clients a 360° approach to health and wellness, since, as with all aspects of our lives, we are only as strong as the weakest link, and movement, stretching, proper nutrition and stress management are all vital parts of the chain. 

    The team at the MPT Academy know that trying to keep all pillars of our lives in balance 24-hours a day, seven days a week, is a near impossible task for even the most seasoned fitness buff – but true, lasting results come from this commitment, not just from a one-hour workout. The team at the MPT Academy aims to be there to help you keep that balance, and get you closer to your fitness goals, every step of the way.

   - Lacking motivation? The MPT Academy will help to identify the problem, and find activities that will fit your lifestyle.
- Don’t know how to make sense of nutrition labels? A member of the MPT Academy team will take you shopping and teach you what to look out for.
- Limited mobility or injury? A member of the team from the MPT Academy will come to your home, and create a personalised plan based on your needs.
- No time? Much like an accountant, the MPT Academy will help you audit your weekly schedule and find you some time to fit within your busy lifestyle.